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Our History

The history of our firm, PKF Sejong, traces back to 2002 when our current managing partner, Jin Woong Lee, and other accountants established Sejong Accounting LLC with a view to servicing international business clients who have particular needs for accountants having expertise and skills in cross-border accounting and tax issues. We are proud of the distinct advantage to succeed in the highly competitive market, that is, our professional’s in-depth knowledge, expertise, and experience accumulated through rendering professional services to the high-profile clients across the globe.

Furthermore, our firm is a member firm of PKF International network, which enables us to offer full scope accounting, tax, and advisory services in 150 countries around the world.

Why PKF Sejong.

Talented Professionals

One of our firm’s competitiveness lies in the expertise and experience of our talented professionals which have been accumulated through servicing high profile clients including multinational conglomerates, financial institutions, and public institutions in a wide variety of industries.

Our Professionals comprised of locally and internationally qualified professional accountants and from big4 accounting firms and former tax inspectors who are fully devoted to formulating best solutions to surpass our client’s expectation by leveraging on the in-depth knowledge, expertise and practical hands-on experiences in various industries.

Long-term and Responsive Relationships

PKF Sejong continues to provide trustworthy professional services and to strive for building our clients’ trust. In this regard, we are aiming at becoming their business companion on a long-term basis. Unlike other large accountancy firms, we have a distinct advantage in maintaining a consistent and dedicated engagement team for a client and uniquely provide consistent quality services to our client on a long-term basis, thanks to our exceptionally low staff turnover rate.

Unmatched Expertise and Experience

PKF Sejong is a full-service accounting firm providing top-rated public accountancy and advisory services encompassing Audit & Assurance, Taxation, Business Solution, and Advisory services. Especially, our dedicated partners and staffs with unmatched expertise and skills on accounting and tax services ensure that those multinational enterprises having a business presence in South Korea can focus on their core businesses. Furthermore, through experiences that we have been accumulated by collaborating with Shin & Kim since the inception, we are always devoted to providing trustworthy advice and practical solutions in a wide array of tax areas such as foreign investment, M&A, Inheritance & Gift, etc. in order to minimize taxes of our clients.

Prestigious International Accounting Network

PKF is one of global top 10 accounting and consulting network brands, consisting of over 440 offices, operating in 150 countries across five regions. PKF Sejong is an exclusive member firm of PKF international network in South Korea.

As the leading independent global accounting and advisory brand, collaboration is central to the PKF experience. While all members under PKF brand maintain full independence, our shared network allows us to offer not only the full spectrum of accounting and advisory services but also tailored solutions for the local business environment to our clients

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